September 2008

Sara Davidson: Pleasant Dementia and Inner Peace | Newsweek Health for Life |

I read this article in Newsweek today. It was very interesting, and somewhat uplifting in a strange way. Sara Davidson chronicles her mother’s slide into dementia. Her mother turns into a very pleasant, in-the-moment type of person, with little anger towards her lack of memory.

“Pleasant Dementia” doesn’t turn up any articles in a very quick pubmed search, but this term has apparently generated a lot of interest since the Newsweek article went online. In the article, it is suggested that damage to the frontal lobes or the left hemisphere of the brain may cause this phenomena. Many people commenting on the story suggest that a frontal lobotomy may make dementia “easier” to accept…An interesting idea, but perhaps a bit hasty. I am curious to see if any researchers pick-up this line of research to delve deeper into why some people become “pleasantly” demented while most become angry and difficult to work with.


This just in – Marijuana holds promise as antibacterial drug! Not only can we use pot as a drug for cancer pain-relief, multiple sclerosis treatments, and glaucoma; but it may soon be used to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections. Ok, so it’s not quite that simple, but the following NY times article reveals new research from Italy and Britain implicating the active ingredient in marijuana, cannabinoids, may be the next line of defense in combating microbes that are becoming resistant to current antibiotics.

Observatory – Marijuana Ingredient May Fight Bacteria –